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What is Superlistur?

Superlistur is the multiple-choice of life. It's a fun and easy way provide honest opinions about different topics, questions, places, people, and things that lie close to your heart. Unlike other social platforms, all of your votes are anonymous. We want to encourage people to speak up and make their voices heard, without having to worry about backlash from people and peers.

How much does it cost?

$0.00 — it's free and available now in the App Store.

Why did we build Superlistur?

Like most people, we're passionate about our opinions. But discussing and sharing those opinions is not always easy. Certain topics can drudge up strong emotions in people and cause arguments. We built Superlistur as a platform for honest expression. We value numbers over all else. One vote per person ensures that everyone's voice matters equally — just how it should be. Superlistur is a one-stop shop for learning what people really think about all types of issues.

Where is Superlistur available?

Superlistur is currently available everywhere in the United States.

When will it be available on Android?

We haven't set a release date. But it's planned.

Why is it called Superlistur?

The name is a combination of 'superlative' and 'list'. When were first building Superlistur, users could only create ranked lists, where they voted on what they thought was best. After realizing how much our users loved to vote on things, we decided to expand the platform by creating different types of polls. You can now suggest topics for approval, ask questions, and put things head-to-head.

The App

How does it work?

It's easy. You sign up. You vote. You have fun. If you'd like you create new polls for the community to vote on. After voting several times, you'll also be given a real-time 'conformity score' to see how alike your opinions are to other users on Superlistur.

How do I create a poll?

Tap the 'add' button at the bottom of the home page, then select which type of poll you'd like to create. It's that simple!

What is a conformity score?

A conformity score represents the percent of users you are likely to agree with when voting on any given poll.

What's next?

We've got a lot of tricks up our sleeves! We're adding categories, improved search, location functionality, plus more. Download the app to see it in action.


Are my votes visible to other people?

Absolutely not. Your votes are never visible to other users. This encourages every single person in our community to be honest about their opinions. However, we absolutely do not tolerate any bullying. Users are encouraged to flag anything that violates our Terms of Service. We investigate every issue that is reported and promptly remove it, along with the user who created it, if necessary.

Why do I need to provide my phone number?

In order to ensure that the fewest number of fake and/or duplicate accounts are created we chose to require an active cell number during the sign up process, rather than an email address. It's important that we do our best to enfore the 'one person, one vote' rule so that our community knows that all polls are as accuracte and honest as possible.

How do I lock the app?

Go to your profile, then your settings. Scroll down and the 'TouchID' switch to 'ON'. When locked, you will have to verify your fingerprint with TouchID every time you want to open Superlistur.


How do I log out?

Go to your profile, then your settings. Scroll down and tap the 'log out' button at the bottom of the screen.

How do I deactivate my account?

If you would like to permanently deactivate your account, please contact at Make sure to provide your account number along with your the phone number you used to sign up. We will deactivate your account with 3 days of your request.